was formed to fully support the positions and policies articulated by our president, Barac
k Obama, 
and his administration.
LOPL's position is that the resistance and roadblocks promulgated by a group of reactionary, opposition politicians are the causes behind our country's economic difficulties, social inequality and inability to achieve peaceful conflict resolutions.
LOPL will endeavor over the coming months to:

1) Assist in efforts to enact Our President's legislative initiatives and his continuation in office
2) Encourage individuals of all political persuasions to assist Our President achieve his agenda
3) Promptly respond to political disinformation when such would interfere with that agenda
In brief, LOPL believes we should allow Our President an opportunity to lead our country without the rhetoric, disinformation and interference of the past three years. We believe that after a full, fair and unfettered opportunity his policies will prove successful.